camera obscura

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a darkened enclosure in which images of outside objects are projected through a small aperture or lens onto a facing surface

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The inventions, which are displayed with the help of hologram technology, include the camera obscura of al-Haytham, astrolabe, surgical tools, turbine of Hassan al-Jarrah and water-raising machine of Al Jazari.
Summary: It's said history's first photograph was taken by French Inventor Nicephore Niepce using camera obscura.
They treated the enthusiastic audience to tracks from their soon-to-be-released third studio album, Camera Obscura, and some highlights from the previous two, with Jen's strong, impassioned voice backed by confident musicianship from her band of guitar, bass and drums.
We at Ultimate, despite some souped-up disco leanings, are duffel-coated fops at heart - and as such are getting pretty excited by the new Camera Obscura album and tour.
CAMERA Obscura are back in business after a spot of maternity leave, compiling four live tracks for seven-inch EP Entitled Session to be released on April 20, this year's Record Store Day.
This new addition to campus is actually a camera obscura, which processes light through a small opening into a darkened box -- or in Assumption's case, a room -- and projects the light onto an opposite surface.
Shirley joined celebrities from the music, arts and entertainment industry – including singer Nina Nesbitt, bands Admiral Fallow and Camera Obscura, comedian Frankie Boyle and comic book writer Grant Morrison – at the glitzy bash.
As hotel owners it was a real boost to hear all the positive and favourable comments regarding the cross section of artists - from contemporary performance at the Tabernacle Chapel, the open-air promenade cinema, the music of the town band and the exhibitions at both the derelict Castle Hotel and the superb Oriel Mostyn; not forgetting the bathing huts on the promenade with '''' Boogaloo Stu'''' and the sock puppets, the Camera Obscura, '''' Mug Shots'''' and so much more - all of which widened the appeal of the festival and made it such a success.
Camera Obscura, a five-piece indie-pop band, is shaped by romantic sentiment soaked in reverb and layered with a chorus of "oohs.
Collections strong in arts and photography history will find The Great Picture: Making the World's Largest Photograph a powerful history of a photography that is literally three stories high by eleven stories wide, made by using a shuttered southern California F-18 jet hanger transformed into an enormous camera obscura.
What has been established, however, is that Vermeer's paintings include optical distortions that the camera obscura is known to produce.
With that open-ended charge, the students got to work conceiving, designing and building a 16-foot-tall camera obscura - kind of a walk-in camera - that now sits on a ridge overlooking the forest on a tree farm southwest of Eugene.
The exhibition includes camera obscura examples and other advancements in optics, showing how early people came to understand the complex concepts behind vision.
Jem Finer, banjo player for The Pogues, is exhibiting Spiegelei, a 360-degree camera obscura, housed inside a stainless steel sphere on top of an off-the-shelf shed.