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an optical device consisting of an attachment that enables an observer to view simultaneously the image and a drawing surface for sketching it

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In Black and Blue: The Bruising Passion of Camera Lucida, La Jetee, Sans soleil, and Hiroshima mon amour, Mavor follows her variegated reflections on four works that leave her "black and blue," but she also touches on many many other works.
In other words, if one considers Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes as a beginning in 1975 and Camera Lucida as an ending in 1980, with the courses filling in the middle, The Preparation of the Novel is the focal point of his project.
I am sure you recognize at least one of the following: chalk, slide rule, kymographs, camera lucida, or opaque projector.
Morphological char acters were examined using a Leica M205C microscope with camera lucida, and a Hitachi TM3000 desktop SEM.
I admit for years I'd looked at Caravaggio and it never occurred to me that optics could have been involved, but when I got involved with optics, with the camera lucida, it made me see a lot of things.
Drawing on Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida, Lopez-Valero addresses how in Beatus ille photography functions as an iconic process to facilitate a personal appropriation of past experiences, but it also conveys a message of silence, repression and immobility, that is, a "temporal arrest" (44), paradigmatic of Francoism's structure of feeling.
5) On the connections between photography and loss, see for example Barthes, Roland Barthes, Barthes, Camera Lucida, Creekmur, Fedida, Rabate, and Ruby.
He is the author of many books, including Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters (Studio; 2001), in which he explains how Renaissance painters used mirrors, lenses and the camera lucida to achieve two-point perspective and other optical depictions.
The reference updates siphonophore taxonomy for the first time in 40 years, and contains about 60 b&w figures (including many camera lucida line drawings), plus one page of color photos.
Although he considers Cornelius Varley's work useful as evidence, he doesn't mention the artist's use of the camera obscura and camera lucida, which explains his accuracy of perspective and detail.
All samples were coded and camera lucida drawings obtained using a Zeiss Universal brightfield microscope equipped with drawing tube and long-working distance planapochromat objectives for subsequent morphometric analyses.
In this project, they regularly drew inspiration from writings by Barthes from the 1960s, writings that he seemed in Camera Lucida to be disavowing.
This quiet reflection on the new kind of writer she perceived Barthes as becoming at the end of his life is nourished by her reflection on Barthes's last book, Camera Lucida.
The exhibit consists of watercolors, etchings, photography, pen and ink, photo collages and camera lucida portraits.