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nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew

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We plugged in our camera card to watch a slide show, but it was better on our computer.
Eclipse fever was strong in the Pump Rooms Gardens, where about 400 people were armed with special glasses or pinhole camera cards.
Storage manufacturers currently use non-volatile flash memory for portable USB drives, camera cards, SSDs, Apple iPhones and iPads.
I then gobble lunch and check my camera cards, sitting behind a computer to view the images and determine my best prospects for evening vigils.
JoeSOFT is excited to now have Klix available in the App Store, making it easy for Mac users to recover their accidentally deleted pictures from their camera cards," says Greg Brewer, CEO of JoeSOFT.
With a device such as a digital photo frame (DPF) based on this powerful platform, the companies anticipate users will not only be able to view and share photos from many sources such as camera cards and Internet photo sharing sites, but they will also be able to access their favorite parts of the Internet to create a personalized experience - whether it's receiving RSS news feeds, watching videos, accessing social networking sites, listening to Internet radio, playing games and much more.
Even if you are not going to take advantage of Snow Leopard, users of FileSalvage 6 are urged to take advantage of the free upgrade to version 7 for the various code enhancements and improved support for devices such as camera cards and Windows based drives.
Using CDs, e-mail, thumb drives, camera cards, Ipods and countless other means, company secrets or confidential information can be stolen in the time it takes a supervisor to walk from an office to the coffee machine and back," Fordham notes.
Memon cautions the consumer to think again when they believe they have erased snapshots from their camera cards before selling them.
Users will find it easy and affordable to transfer images from their camera cards to CDs using the built-in CD burner, creating digital archives on CD that are simple to save, organize and share.
Users can view and share photos from multiple sources including camera cards, memory cards, and the top Internet photo sharing sites in one slideshow, and use the touchscreen to navigate through over a thousand chumby widgets.