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the point of view of a camera

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The Craven meeting was completely spoiled for me by the constant changing of camera angles.
Josh King had the impressive title "director of production for presidential events" under Bill Clinton, and worried about camera angles from the Grand Tetons to the World War II beaches of France.
Meyers-Levy and Peracchio (1992) replicated Kraft's (1987) study in an advertising context finding that camera angle influenced responses to computers and bicycles.
Fans will notice the impact of Cinemotion as soon as the puck drops, as NHL 2K7 features a new dynamic parametric camera angle during gameplay that maximizes the gamer's vision down the ice.
DISH Network customers can view any camera angle with full audio or go directly to the full screen channel they select.
The league probably will have its arenas add additional game clocks so that they can be seen from nearly every camera angle.
It's amazingly realistic and the player gets to manage every scene change, every camera angle, every zoom, pan, or tilt of the free-style cameras.
2 -- color) Footprints marking the best camera angle for tourists' shots of the Hollywood sign stand vacant Friday in Universal City.
The broadcaster will offer an unparalleled choice of innovative digital TV services and interactive applications including different camera angle choices for sports events and Near-Video-on-Demand (NVoD) movie services.
Second-generation SpyderScope has brighter LED illumination for very low or no light situations, adjusted camera angle for better viewing on low or high vehicles, and enhanced weather, moisture and rust resistance.
They can change camera angle, zoom functions and display of up to 16 camera images on one screen and view video and still images over a LAN or the Internet.
A portrait of a power station manager standing before his facility with bare, folded arms uses a low camera angle to stress the muscular pose.
Whispering commentaries, the same camera angle for hours at a time.