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the point of view of a camera

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Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next month, the new Fan View mode will let players see "the on-field action in breathtaking clarity" - although it still isn't entirely clear how it will differ from the usual range of camera angles.
Racing far apart, they fought out the finish but despite the camera angle favouring Granakey, it was Isitcozimcool who flashed past in front, landing an in-running high of 60.
Taylor said it seemed that the camera angles of the incident, in which Jamie Mackie went flying outside the area and earned Plymouth their goal via a penalty, proved inconclusive.
So I found myself shuffling Vattic along corridors, trying to switch from one view to the other and cope with the wildly-swinging camera angles until I had to find a hospital bed of my own and lie down with a 'Do not resuscitate' sign on my chest.
Josh King had the impressive title "director of production for presidential events" under Bill Clinton, and worried about camera angles from the Grand Tetons to the World War II beaches of France.
Meyers-Levy and Peracchio (1992) replicated Kraft's (1987) study in an advertising context finding that camera angle influenced responses to computers and bicycles.
Whispering commentaries, the same camera angle for hours at a time.
They did not see a shot from the camera angle that definitively showed the wrong call was made on the field until it was too late.
The camera angle presented to viewers at courses such as Bath and Brighton is tough to read at the best of times and some punters fell for it big time here, with Here Comes Buster touching 1.
Revealing that the biggest single matched bet on Gin Palace was for pounds 15, Betfair director of communications Mark Davies said: "The television camera angle was incredibly deceptive and Gin Palace's price became erratic depending on which camera angle was in use.
The "objective" camera angle of the exterior shots gives way to a decidedly "subjective" first-person vantage, as the camera melts inconspicuously into a sea of undulating dancers.
WHY is it that with each new camera angle, the coverage of TV racing appears to get progressively worse?
ESPN2 will also show it, but only from an ``above the rim'' camera angle.
Would someone please tell Sky that the only camera angle we need is the same one that is used in betting shops every day of the week.