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of or relating to or functioning as a cambium

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Long ago, Cheadle (1937) opined with reference to the monocot cambium that neither an exact location nor a convincing description of the cambial initials was available in the literature, and unfortunately this statement is considerably valid even today.
Laticifer may be derived from initial cells through primary growth [22], and from cambial cells or secondary growth.
On the other hand, a deep snow pack in late winter was shown to effectively reduce radial growth rates by maintaining low soil temperatures and delaying initiation of cambial expansion (Pederson et al.
Entao, escreviam um artigo sobre a crise do cafe, outro sobre o cambio, outro sobre politica cambial.
Ryan began his career at Cambial Asset Management where worked as a buy-side trader.
Na metade do ano de 1947, a politica economica inverteu o sinal e comecou a intervencao no mercado cambial atraves da Instrucao no 25 da Superintendencia da Moeda e do Credito -- SUMOC, com a determinacao da obrigatoriedade de as instituicoes que operavam com moedas arbitraveis venderem 30% das divisas ao Banco do Brasil segundo a taxa oficial.
No entanto, os aumentos significativos, no custo de producao, principalmente em funcao de o milho nao ter o seu preco formado em dolar, enquanto os insumos utilizados no seu cultivo acompanham a variacao cambial, tem gerado perda de receita ao produtor.
Foi calculada a correlação dos retornos mensais dos índices, descontada a variação cambial, a um nível de confiança de 5%, conforme o critério adotado para o período anterior.
Thus, if the payer signature as the main cambial obliged appears on the promissory note from the beginning of issue, the payer signature does not appear on the bill of exchange in the moment of issuing the title, it being able not to appear at all materialized on the title specially in that cambial process.
diversifolia has a peripheral ring of 24-36 collateraL vascular bundles each with a conspicuous crescent-shaped bundle cap and a strip of densely stained cambial cells between the primary phloem and the primary xylem (Figs.
Response of robinia pseudoacacia to cambial treatments of two herbicides.
The wood of bignoniaceaous vines is not completely cylindrical due to arcs of unidirectional cambial activity or furrows" (Dobbins, 1969.
Microscopic examination of the tissue from the gravistimulated plants showed an unusually wide cambial zone, dilatation of the cortex, and the typical blue-green (as stained by Alcian blue) gelatinous fibers characteristic of tension wood.
Severe bark-stripping by moose almost always causes the stem to die because the cambial tissue is removed when the stem is girdled (Miquelle and Van Ballenberghe 1989).