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the hood or cap covering the calyx of certain plants: e

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Rhinophoridae is a small family of calyptrate Diptera with about 150 species and 23 genera in the world (Pape et al.
In the present case, however, a total of 5,879 acalyptrate and calyptrate flies (1,930 of these Muscidae) were trapped using Malaise traps at Ndumo Game Reserve over a 14-day period (27 November -10 December 2009).
Hosts are predominantly cockroaches, crickets and calyptrate Diptera, and Stylogaster flies often target hosts attempting to escape columns of army ants (Hymenoptera: Dorylinae).
It unquestionably belongs to the calyptrate family Anthomyiidae because of the following combination of characters: (1) head holoptic in male, dichoptic in female; (2) female with a pair of crossed interfrontal setae; (3) lower calypter well developed; (4) tiny hair-like setulae present beneath tip of scutellum; (5) vein A1 extended to wing margin as a weak fold; (6) male surstyli and cerci united by vertical sclerotized connections immediately distal to lateral cercal apodemes; (7) spiracles VI and VII present in female abdomen.
90) into calyptrate Diptera that accompany army ant columns (Stuckenberg 1963; Smith 1967, 1969; Smith & Cunningham-van Someren 1985; Kotrba 1997; Couri & Pont 2006; Couri & Barros 2010).