calves' liver

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liver of a calf used as meat


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Calves' liver isn't everyone's cup of tea but is a fantastic product that requires minimal preparation and, when cooked properly, gives deliciously tender results.
Spaghetti carbonara, calves' liver and tortica antica
50 or chargrilled calves' liver, free-range bacon and mashed potato at pounds 15.
And Tony was impressed with his saute of calves' liver with shallots and bacon, which he also said were tastily prepared.
Gerson also used freshly prepared raw calves' liver juice, to help overcome the damage caused by pesticides to the patient's liver.
Lynn enjoyed pink, succulent calves' liver with Parmentier potatoes, savoy cabbage and pancetta, a standard dish served in a standard, unfussy fashion.
The same number don't think shin of beef is a real cut, and 10 per cent think calves' liver doesn't exist.
Will ordered calves' liver with a grain mustard mash and honey roasted parsnips in red wine, which again was absolutely gorgeous.
But she loves my calves' liver, bacon and foie gras terrine, spreads slabs of parfait of chicken livers and foie gras on toast and always chooses sauteed foie gras, potato pancake and onion chutney when it's on the menu and that's all offal in one shape or form.
Meatballs have always been popular and minestrone and calves' liver.