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Figure 3 also confirmed that female progenies calved somewhat easily over the period, and it was a commonly agreeable fact with previous reports including Dhakal et al [27].
Five of seven (71%) Beverly cows (animals that calved on the Beverly traditional calving grounds) captured in March 2006 were pregnant.
Increase from 125g/litre up to 150g/litre; * feed milk from fresh calved cows which is higher in milk solids for the first few days of life; * use a high fat (20%) calf milk replacer; * offer warm water and highly palatable starter nuts to encourage extra dry feed intake; * block off draughts at calf level; * use Woolover calf jackets on younger calves which are not yet ruminating, to conserve body heat and maintain good feed conversion; * provide a warm dry bed and a "nest" area; and * provide a heat lamp for sick calves.
The cross-bred cows are easily calved to the Blonde and we have very few assisted calvings, even of heifers and they have a quiet temperament.
Cows calved in summer and fall had lower birth weight and was 0.
31) were recorded in animals when calved fifth time and min imum services per conception (1.
A Shorthorn breed record was broken with a price of 3,200gns for a calved heifer, Chicklade Wildeyes 26 and there were top averages for calved cows and calved heifers.
The herd at Branton East Side, Powburn, near Alnwick, has expanded to 420 cows in recent years ( and now all nine stock bulls are pedigree Blondes which Mr Telford finds produce easily calved and easily managed progeny that still provide a return comparable with other continental crosses when sold as suckled calves.
At the first stage, 47 half-sib groups were created based on the sires of calved cows.
He said: "The meeting has made me analyse my own calving pattern, where 74% of cows calved in the first six weeks for the 2010 season when calving started on March 10.
Ravensworth Natasha, unbeknown to farmer Snowden Oates who calved her with friend Vernon Ord, was carrying three bull calves and gave birth in quick succession at Trench Hall Farm, Ravensworth, Gateshead.
Keen bidding resulted in a top price of 1,450gns for a Weeton Jackson daughter, Pearl Red 91, calved in September.
We like the Blonde bull because the calves it produces are good conformation and easily calved," said Mike Harrison.
Calved heifers max pounds 670, calved cows max pounds 710.
Knowledge of this important exemption from the 21-day shutdown has still to get through to all farms and as a result some foster calves are not being set on and too many fresh calved cows are being dried off and will have no work this summer, " explained NBA vice-chairman Frank Momber.