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I could ha' wished Nancy had had the luck to find a child like that and bring her up," said Priscilla to her father, as they sat in the gig; "I should ha' had something young to think of then, besides the lambs and the calves.
In one, the cow-buffaloes stood with their calves in the center, and glared and pawed, ready, if a wolf would only stay still, to charge down and trample the life out of him.
Neonatal calves with diarrhoea often have small intestinal overgrowth with Escherichia coli bacteria, regardless of the inciting cause for diarrhoea, and 30% of systemically ill calves with diarrhea have bacteremia, predominantly because of E coli.
Calving at 24 months could yield another two calves per cow per lifetime for an average 25-strong Welsh herd.
Fixed calving periods aid significantly in hitting that elusive 365 days; anything that does not calve within the allotted period should be culled.
As an index to productivity, we calculated the maximum ratio of calves to cows during the sequential surveys and assumed that it represented productivity at the peak of calving.
In the early morning of March 10, 2013, a truck carrying approximately 350 Holstein steer calves overturned in a snowstorm near Colby, Kansas.
Current assay evaluated the behavior of cross-breed dairy cows milked in the presence or absence of their calves.
This information can be applied to improve habitat management practices to allow for the changes in calf behavior as calves mature during their time on the breeding grounds.
20 mmol/l higher than in the reference group, which indicates activation of carbohydrate metabolism in this experimental group of calves under the influence of the studied biologically active preparations.
Farmer Jon Appleby said the odds of having three same-sex calves born to one cow are more than 700-000-1.
After editing there were birth records on 51 calves, 51 records on calves that survived up to weaning.
However, nearly half of the calves - 13 individuals - were sired by a single alliance of four dolphins known as The Beatles.
Producers delivering the best quality Weaner calves are not only rewarded by means of prizes, but through the exposure and recognition they receive during the auctions.