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the dome of the skull

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The GRGD modification did not enhance the calvaria cells attachment or growth.
After the radiographic examinations, a morphological evaluation was carried out by optical microscopy to observe the tissue response to zirconia in the rat calvaria.
Results showed that the carbon-13 spectra of ulna and calvaria were almost similar while mandibular spectra showed the most distinct results.
Free flap reconstruction of the scalp and calvaria of major neurosurgical resections in cancer patients: lessons learned closing large, difficult wounds of the dura and skull.
In birds, the interconnection of the nasal cavity, infraorbital sinuses, and porous calvaria allows inflammatory processes of the sinuses or nasal passages to spread to most of the anatomic structures of the head.
The serum protein alpha2-HS glycoprotein/fetuin inhibits apatite formation in vitro and in mineralizing calvaria cells.
The developing tooth enamel obtained from ovariectomized rats and calvaria affected by the combined effects were dissected into small pieces by using razor blades.
Conditional inactivation of Tgfbr2 in cranial neural crest causes cleft palate and calvaria defects.
1) Their most common sites are the calvaria and the vertebral column.
first reported that statins stimulate in vivo bone formation in rodents and increase new bone volume in mouse calvaria cell cultures.
Mientras tanto, el segundo caso ocurrio en un Paciente VIH positivo con tuberculosis sistemica y lesiones osteoliticas de la calvaria, semejando mieloma multiple, lo que nos recuerda los compromisos de organos y sistemas a que puede llevar la inmunosupresion ocasionada por el sida.
A subsequent study (36) found that when synthetic OCP was implanted into the critical-sized defects in rat calvaria, bone formation was initiated from the margin of the defect and on the implanted OCP away from the margin of the defect.
Cranial characters include (1) wide nasal apertures (African), (2) narrow nasal apertures (Caucasoid), (3) wide interorbital distances (African), (4) no nasal sill (African), (5) pointed nasal spine (Caucasoid), (6) palate wide and often rectangular (African), (7) palate narrow and triangular (Caucasoid), (8) curved suture between the zygomatic and maxilla (Caucasoid), (9) edge-to-edge incisal occlusion (Asian), (10) slight overbite (Caucasoid), (11) anterior projecting zygomatics (Asian), (12) flattened facial skeleton (Asian), (13) prognathous facial skeleton (African), (14) circular orbits (Asian), (15) rectangular orbits (African) and (16) shovel-shaped incisors (Asian), (17) lighter and relatively smaller facial bones (Caucasoid), and (18) rounded calvaria (Asian).