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KEVIN Maguire co-authored Great Parliamentary Scandals: Five Centuries of Calumny, Smear & Innuendo.
He is certainly welcome to Gujarat to campaign for the Congress party, but has come and joined, unfortunately, the campaign of calumny, based on untruths and misleading the public with falsehoods.
A step forward taken for the freedom of the press in Romania is the abrogation from the Penal Code of the offenses of insult and calumny.
Yesterday, bowing to the inescapable shame of having published the unsupportable calumny that broke a great city's heart, he admitted that "it would have been far more accurate had I written the headline 'The Lies'.
In that context, Denis Fitzgerald's useful narrative history of the Federation Teachers and their Times is a counter to many of the myths and war stories surrounding a union that has been in business since 1918 protecting its members from bureaucratic bungling, governmental bastardry and an increasingly shrill line in media calumny
Given the fact we now have a president who is more obviously emotionally and spiritually mature than any since perhaps Harry Truman, and exhibits it daily to those whose eyes are not locked shut by the noxious glue of ideology and racism, we can eliminate the explicit calumny that our president promotes "class envy" with honest dispatch.
Jack Davis is an authentic populist with a folk-hero streak--he is leaving his factory to his workers--which is why the kept men of Beltway conservatism spent the last two weeks of the campaign spewing robocalled calumny upon him.
I have come to launch a campaign of ideas, not one of calumny.
Mind you, it's a vile calumny to suggest that Alan always stood on an orange box for the more intimate scenes with his co-star.
The former DPS deputy chair has also stated that he was not afraid of potential attack by his former party and added that he was the only one who sued Dogan over calumny.
Calumny is not a term commonly used nowadays but certainly one that has surfaced as a common intention of free speech: in that the common use of the ability to voice an opinion can also be a chance to slander someone's reputation.
Sarkozy said Woerth was a victim of calumny "without the slightest reality" and he wished people would take more interest in big issues such as health care and pensions rather than in "those who create scandals".
Fisher (a specialist in constitutional law at the Law Library of the Library of Congress) defends the role of the US Congress in the American constitutional system, arguing that while all three branches of government have records that are decidedly mixed, the calumny that is often reserved for Congress as inherently inept threatens its subordination to the less democratic institutions of the executive and the judiciary.
14(1)(b) applies only to communications "which involve extreme feelings and strong emotions of detestation, calumny and vilification.
I have seen them consign two thousand years of calumny to the