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they do not know, and cannot tell; but in order that they may not appear to be at a loss, they repeat the ready-made charges which are used against all philosophers about teaching things up in the clouds and under the earth, and having no gods, and making the worse appear the better cause; for they do not like to confess that their pretence of knowledge has been detected-- which is the truth; and as they are numerous and ambitious and energetic, and are drawn up in battle array and have persuasive tongues, they have filled your ears with their loud and inveterate calumnies.
These wiseacres did not hesitate to bring a dead man back to life because they knew of no living one capable of such feats; it is their heedless and inconsequent calumnies that the present paper is partly intended to refute.
To you I traced the insinuation that I alone reaped any harvest from my brother's death; and all the foul attacks and whispered calumnies that followed in its train.
Her erstwhile best friend, upholstered like a Victorian sofa, stuffed anything to hand into her glutinously lip-sticked mouth whenever she wasn't spitting out calumnies against Marie.
For this, Roth, whose father fled the Nazis, endured the usual calumnies, as Rosa Brooks noted in a column in the Los Angeles Times.
Instead, it throws the author a 300-page pity party, glamorizing his psychotic excesses and heaping calumnies on his former supervisors and colleagues, as if they haven't already suffered enough for his presence in their midst.
They are not what they used to be, for now they are stabbing each other in the back, without hesitating to spread defamatory allegations and calumnies about yesterday's close friends.
Morjane added that "contents of some of the cables that have to do with domestic affairs of a country only repeat those lies and calumnies of some detractors who are driven by the dogged determination of harming Tunisia," specifying that "these allegations are baseless and do not mirror Tunisia's reality.
The Swedish government responded with indifference, and worse: When the country's ambassador to Israel put up a note on the embassy's website distancing Sweden from such appalling calumnies, her enraged superiors in Stockholm ordered her to take it down.
These lies and calumnies will not dissuade Jordan from pursuing its efforts to defend security of its citizens and highlight the true image of traditional Islam which is being abused by terrorists who associate Islam with accusations that have nothing to do with its essence, Sharif said.
KCNA said: "At the trial the accused admitted that what they did were criminal acts committed, prompted by the political motive to isolate and stifle the socialist system of the DPRK (North Korea) by faking up moving images aimed at falsifying its human rights performance and hurling slanders and calumnies at it.
This language and the stereotypes it conjures are painfully reminiscent of the worst calumnies visited upon Jews over the centuries, with tragic consequences," wrote Stanley Bergman, chair of AJC's Africa Institute, in a letter to President Motlanthe.
Burglaries occurred, and calumnies against supporters appeared in newspapers.
He prepares them for the impending separation, for His imminent Passion, and, prepares them to undergo, for love of Him, calumnies, persecutions and death itself.
His optimism seems to carry him toward success despite the calumnies spread about him because of his foreign blood.