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a highly decorated ceremonial pipe of Amerindians

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The Spotlight is not affiliated with MCC or does not compete with The Calumet.
A Monday-Friday class schedule for The Calumet, it was changed to Tuesday and Thursday.
With vast network of agents, distributors and product distribution sites around the world, Calumet Penreco delivers the highest quality products you want, in the quantities you want, with the service and support you deserve.
Calumet Penreco has an extensive product offering in White Mineral Oils--from pharmaceutical to cosmetics, to plastics, to food processing grades.
Calumet is currently operating a 19-acre, state-of-the-art distribution center (CEDIS) open 24 hours a day and is located within the gated Ferrovalle rail terminal complex.
Through its Mexico facility, Calumet will offer a wide range of products to customers in Mexico and Latin American markets.
Calumet Penreco offers a full line of naphthenic and paraffinic oils, petroleum waxes, petrolatum, hydrocarbon gels and FDA/USP white mineral oils, including well-respected quality brands such as DrakeoI[R], Versagel[R] and Synergel[R].
President and COO, Calumet Penreco Jennifer Straumins
As consumers become more and more health conscious, it's our responsibility to offer a diverse range of high quality raw materials that is 100% safe for vegetarians and vegans, and for those with allergies," said Anne Goldsmith, technical director at Calumet Specialty Product Partners.
President and COO, Calumet GP Jennifer Straumins Marketing Technical Services Director, Calumet GP Anne B.
Calumet markets and produces a unique system for thickening and gelling hydrocarbon materials under the Penreco brand name.
Calumet Penreco LLC manufactures a full line of naphthenic and paraffinic oils, aliphatic solvents, white mineral oils, petroleum waxes, petrolatum and hydrocarbon gels.
According to Rich Callahan, global sales manager Calumet Penreco, the "excellent partnerships" with Lipo do Brasil and Agecom Produtos de Petroleo will enable it to grow its business in the Latin American markets, especially in Brazil.