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an expression introduced into one language by translating it from another language

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It is thus a partial calque of Russian [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Confondre ainsi une entente rationnelle autour d'un modele de recherche et l'idee que le modele selectionne calque la realite est par ailleurs problematique.
Many Slavic compounds are clearly loan translations or calques.
Leading periodicals and dailies, such as La Lucha, La Discusion or Diario de la Marina, turned into a predictable showroom of loanwords and calques, through which a significant number of these lexical units were assimilated by Cuban Spanish.
Keywords: Anglicisms, calque, loan, neologisms, vocabulary.
For details on the seven main translation strategies of borrowing, calque, literalism, transposition, modulation, equivalence and adaptation see Hatim & Munday 2004: 149-151)
It is also important to distinguish between calque and loan word.
17): dans la traduction un calque du signifie, qui resulte neutre sur le plan du style, est employe.
On the eve of the wedding the Houchins entertained the wedding party, family, and friends with cocktails and dinner at the Calque County Arts Center.
Worldview: A term used as a calque for the German Weltanschauung denotes one's overall, often unconscious, perspective.
As for its synonym, Isbaniyah, it is a clear calque from the Latin Hispania, in itself a calque from the Phoenician quadrilateral root HSPM (Hispamia), which meant "land of rabbits.
Beef is also a part of the phrase--miec z kims beef which is a calque of an English phrase to have beef with somebody.
1) Il est a noter que la troupe elle-meme dans sa publicite et ses documents utilise le nom sans article : << Unitheatre >> sans doute inconsciemment calque sur l'anglais et selon l'usage habituel sur le campus de raccourcir le nom des institutions et des troupes de theatre en omettant l'article, tels << Greystone >> et << Saint Thomas Moore >>.
In his efforts to extract from the public the undiluted praise he thought was owing him, Bruce became prey to bouts of despondency and mental disturbance which did not (like Wordsworth's) calque upon the sublime, but did make Bruce aware of the ambiguity of his achievement, which he so badly wished to reduce to standard outlines of heroism.
Es arrogante esperar que la realidad calque nues tras preferencias.