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a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

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Total energy of plant components was determined calorimetrically from total harvested plant material (Table 2).
Both input and output color ingredients are specified calorimetrically, using a spectrophotometer, and are easily compared for conversion between ingredient-based color systems.
The incubated soil subsamples were extracted with 2M KC1 solution (1:6 soil: extractant ratio) and the extract was analysed calorimetrically for mineral N by an auto analyser (Blakemore et al.
g] is done mechanically or calorimetrically leads to an expectation of the network gaining crosslinks or losing them.
Catecholamine and 5-HIAA assays were conducted by high-pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection, cortisol was determined by radioimmunoassay, and creatinine was assayed calorimetrically (Kuhn et al.
Cell viability was determined calorimetrically using the Cell counting kit-8 according to the manufacturer's protocol.