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a measuring instrument that determines quantities of heat

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Fires in an open air calorimeter consist of only a growth stage and a decay stage.
Measuring biochemical process has showed increasing importance with the development of chip calorimeters [1].
I-Cal 2000 HPC is a high-precision calorimeter with a large sample size, which makes it suitable for all applications in cement and concrete applications.
A pan in a differential scanning calorimeter that contained the various mixtures was heated and kept at 5 C.
The cone calorimeter (Stanton Redcroft, UK) tests were performed according to ISO 5660 standard procedures.
The MMC 274 Nexus modular adiabatic reaction calorimeter enables the analysis of relatively large sample volumes consisting of several millilitres.
A weighed amount of each dried sample was compacted into pellet form and placed in a bomb calorimeter under an oxygen atmosphere.
Figure 1 shows a diagram of the previous NIST high-power laser detector calibration system in which a WTM was used as a beamsplitter to provide simultaneous beams to the device under test (DUT) and the primary standard calorimeter.
The process of combustion of solid propellant samples within a small constant volume calorimeter is considered as a typical slow evolution.
Built initially for the company's own use, the TFC-9000 thin-film calorimeter measures heat generated by the curing reaction.
UV Process Supply has introduced the CON-TROL-CURE Thin Film Calorimeter (TFC-9000).
3g samples from each of the ratios were pressed into pellets using a standard 10 ton hydraulic press and combusted in a bomb calorimeter to determine the heat energy of the reaction.
It installs into chromatograph, calorimeter, moisture analyzer and stack sampling systems.
The method of evaluating fire-retardant material was also changed and the cone calorimeter test was adopted.
The subjects will be placed in a calorimeter on four separate occasions for 23 hours each.