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In that vein, I'd like to point out that people - like myself - who are overweight are not calorifically challenged or big boned.
Then again, we could go further: what about altering dessert names appended with fool or roly-poly, so as not to offend the cerebrally or calorifically challenged?
And so to puds (pounds 5each), which all sounded calorifically laden but irresistible.
Burchill, who is, shall we say, a tad on the calorifically challenged side herself, seems unable to accept that French once wanted her to appear on a television documentary about the bliss of being a fat woman.
Scientists announced this week they've discovered the reason Homer Simpson and the rest of us calorifically challenged specimens find doughnuts impossible to resist is because two areas of our brain go into overdrive the minute we clap eyes on an iced-top sugary ring.
But that doesn't change the fact that booze is calorifically fattening.
Fat becomes ' calorifically challenged', bald is 'follically challenged', short and stumpy is transformed into 'vertically challenged'.