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relating to or associated with heat

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Caloric requirements for the whitetail deer have been determined by information supplied by not only the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Fish and Game Division (1, pers comrn.
But, there is no registered dietitian and no written caloric requirements within the prison system.
Consume at least a third of your daily caloric requirements at breakfast?
but the caloric requirements to cover activity during the extra hours of wakefulness are very small.
If a treater has significant obesity or body image difficulties, for example, it may compromise his ability to be objective in assessment and in such areas as setting caloric requirements.
1] Enteral administration is preferred in patients with a functional gastrointestinal tract who are unable to meet their protein and caloric requirements with oral intake.
More than half of Iraqi women and children are receiving less than 50 percent of their daily caloric requirements, officials say.
The pediatric dietitian calculates their caloric requirements depending on several factors including age, specific developmental disability, level of physical activity and degree of motor limitations.
Since we have reason to believe that the slave was required to exert more work effort than the free workers, the question of the caloric requirements for slaves will depend upon how hard they were forced to work.