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relating to or associated with heat

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The analysis examining the association between blood lead and lead exposure stratified by level of caloric intake is shown in Table 5.
The daily caloric deficit shouldn't be more than about 500-1000 calories below the normal daily needs, which is about 1-2 pounds per week.
A reduction in caloric intake is best achieved by substituting for that fatty food healthy carbohydrates: grains, fruits, and vegetables, without, of course, overdoing it so that total caloric intake is increased even if the calories are found in otherwise healthy foods.
About 16% of children and adolescents' total caloric intake come from added sugars, according to data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2005-2008.
Caloric restriction also has favorable effects on our health and delays the development of age-related diseases.
Paul McGlothin and Meredith Averill, of The CR Way Longevity Center, are helping the scientists identify people on long-term caloric restriction and sharing their insights into human caloric restriction practice, dietary regimens that support the biochemistry of caloric restriction, and identification of the world's healthiest caloric restrictors who will converge on San Francisco--a city appropriately famous for health consciousness--for testing.
This is a very important concept to remember, as caloric testing during ENG typically measures a low-frequency vestibular response and cannot measure the high-frequency vestibular responses that are more common in everyday life.
Up to 10% of our caloric intake can come from this type of fat.
By examining both food and non-sweetened beverages the authors were able to conclude that SSBs are primarily responsible for higher caloric intakes among 2-5 and 6-11 year olds.
Osterkamp emphasizes how energy expenditures change after amputation and thus affect caloric needs.
The caloric content of restaurant meals was 55% higher than that of meals eaten at home.
The overall increase in body weight among Americans is most likely to be due to increased caloric intake,'' she said.
Inadequate caloric intake causing weight loss also leads to a reduction in subcutaneous tissue, thus allowing bony prominences to compress and restrict circulation to the skin.
com/research/e2a40a/frontiers_in_carbo) has announced the addition of the "Frontiers in Carbohydrates Developments: Research, Technologies Low Calorie and Non Caloric Sweeteners" report to their offering.
By this contract, Caloric emphasizes its strong market position in Asia, as this plant is the sixth plant within the last three years.