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a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic

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For example pitting potentials exceed +5 to +10 V versus the saturated calomel electrode (SCE) in body fluids like chlorides (NS) and lactates(RL) and typically +60 to +80 V in sulfates and phosphates(PBS).
or chloride of mercury--also called calomel a common treatment for gonorrhea before antibiotics.
60) Articles in The Lancet endorsed some of these treatments and offered several other suggestions: induced sneezing to "rid the nose of infection," a combination of sodium salicylate and strychnine, inhalation of iodine in steam, intravenous injection of garlic oil dissolved in pure ether, tri-menthenal allyic carbide, and purging with castor oil or calomel (mercurous chloride) followed by bicarbonate of soda every four hours.
Starbuck, had the face to offer that calomel and jalap to Queequeg, there, this instant off the whale.
In this electrochemical 3-electrodes system, the embedded rebar acts as working electrode, stainless steel plate acts as counter electrode and the saturated calomel electrode acts as reference electrode.
The values of potentials passed originally with regard to the saturated calomel electrode were in reference to the saturated silver-silver chloride electrode applied in research.
After drying, these panels were exposed to a 5% NaCl solution in a three-electrode cell assembly consisting of a Saturated Calomel (SCE) reference electrode, a graphite counter electrode, and the coated or uncoated steel substrate as the working electrode.
Redox potentials were measured using permanently installed platinum electrodes using a millivoltmeter and silver/silver chloride reference electrode (Orion) with a potential equal to that of a saturated calomel electrode (0.
Upon being placed in the solution, the open circuit potential was measured with respect to a saturated calomel electrode (SCE) for 1 hour.
The reference electrode employed for this purpose is made of calomel (mercury/mercury chloride), consisting of a platinum wire submersed in mercury, which is in contact with a paste of calomel and potassium chloride, over which the potassium chloride solution is poured (saline bridge or junction liquid).
Interpretation can only be managed by the cognoscenti in the audience who know that colocynth and aloe are botanical purgatives, while calomel is a chloride of mercury, all the "uncompounded" ingredients of emetic and laxative pills.
By 1917, prophylactic packets, containing calomel ointment to apply to the genitals, a tube of argyrol to apply to the urethra after sexual intercourse and the occasional condom, were given to soldiers in an attempt to prevent the development of gonorrhoea after sexual exposure.
Allen seems to think that all forms of mercury are interchangeable, including elemental mercury; inorganic mercury compounds such as calomel, which is mercury (I) chloride, and mercury (II) chloride; and organic mercury compounds.