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a tasteless colorless powder used medicinally as a cathartic

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The saturated calomel electrode was used as the reference electrode and the platinum electrode as the indicator electrode.
Briefly, quantitative studies of Cr(VI)-thymoquinone complex were performed at glassy carbon electrode against saturated calomel electrode which include determination of [E.
NaCl) into which the shrouded SPR assembly wasimmersed as working electrode 1 (WE-1), as well as the saturated calomel reference electrode (SCE).
Some settlers kept pills called "blue mass" in their medicine cabinets to be used like aspirin at the first hint of illness, or if things got bad quickly, doctors administered calomel, a pure, fast-acting form of mercury chloride.
22) Rout opened a "soldiers' medical club" at Hornchurch in London, near a New Zealand convalescent hospital, sold prophylactic kits (these included calomel ointment, condoms and Condy's crystals) and gave advice.
A typical three-electrode system was used in the electrolytic cell, where NdFeB plate, saturated calomel electrode (SCE), and two stainless steel (SUS304) plates were used as the working electrode, the reference electrode, and the counter electrode, respectively.
The cell assembly consists of the test specimen as the working electrode, platinum foil and saturated calomel electrode (SCE) were used as counter electrode and reference electrode respectively.
Here tungsten ions implanted graphite substrate was used as working electrode, Graphite as counter electrode and the KCl saturated Calomel as a reference electrode.
Graphite electrode and saturated calomel electrode were used as counter electrode and reference electrode, respectively.
Though unstated in the official record, Hammond's real "crime" was his removal of calomel and tartar emetic from the Standard Supply Table, showing how decidedly hidebound his colleagues were to the old--even dangerous--remedies of the past.
A typical three-electrode experimental cell equipped with a working electrode, a platinum foil counter electrode, and a saturated calomel reference electrode (SCE) was used for measuring the electrochemical properties of the working electrode and its performance as a Faradaic electrochemical capacitances (ECs).
The Eh was measured in the field using a platinum electrode and the final readings were corrected by adding the potential (+244 mV) of a calomel reference electrode.
They proposed a shift away from the more trusted antiphlogistic paradigm of treatment, which involved emetics, calomel purgatives, cupping and bloodletting, and instead endeavoured to restore the body back to its natural state by hydration and heat therapy.
Se empleo como electrodo de referencia el calomel y como contra electrodo una barra de grafito, se utilizo un puente salino entre el electrodo de referencia y la celda.
Todas las medidas se realizaron considerando al electrodo de Calomel saturado como referencia ([E.