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You are an enviable dog," said the Vicar, "to have such a prospect-- Rosamond, calmness and freedom, all to your share.
I never give up anything that I choose to do," said Rosamond, recovering her calmness at the touching of this chord.
Wait a minute,' said Sim, folding his arms with a dreadful calmness.
Husbands, too, bore the loss of their wives with the most heroic calmness.
Individually and collectively, calmness is the best response when fanatics seek to terrorise us.
22 (SUNA) The acting Wali (governor) of North Darfur state, the state's Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Adam Mohamed Hamid Al-Nahla, affirmed the calmness and stability of the security situations in Mellit city following the limited incidents that it has witnessed yesterday's evening (Wednesday), denying any relations to what has happened to the insurgency or the tribal conflicts or others.
It's about playing with that calmness and composure.
7 KI SUNG-YUENG Another decent outing from the South Korean who did much to try and get a foot-hold in City-sided game and had to work hard defensively but couldn't quite bring calmness to possession.
What positive thoughts helped you to regain your calmness and composure?
When that calmness is disturbed it goes against the common good for all of the people.
Sharjah: Delhi Daredevils pacer Wayne Parnell is all praise for his skipper Kevin Pietersen, saying that the Englishman's calmness has rubbed off on his team-mates in their IPL campaign so far.
We had a real calmness about us, especially with the atmosphere and everything surrounding the game.
We've just got to go and play our game and keep that composure and calmness that we've been playing with.
Try to ignore its anxious behaviour and continue to reward calmness with attention.