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Synonyms for callus

an area of skin that is thick or hard from continual pressure or friction (as the sole of the foot)


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bony tissue formed during the healing of a fractured bone

(botany) an isolated thickening of tissue, especially a stiff protuberance on the lip of an orchid

cause a callus to form on

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form a callus or calluses

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One year after the previous purchase, Rako has invested in two Callus ECS 340 presses.
The transition to the regeneration through the production of callus allows an increase of the variability, and can be followed by a rapid regeneration and high rates of multiplication [12].
To evaluate the effectiveness of plant regeneration among the different genotypes, the number of shoots, complete seedlings (2-5 including root) and the number of acclimatized plants per gram of embryogenic callus transferred for regeneration medium were quantified.
The callus peel costs pounds 30 from At One Day Spa - visit www.
Initially, this region was covered with creamish green callus which quickly transformed into patches containing numerous shoot buds.
With respect to the morphology, as seen in Types 2 and 3 of banana callus, the embryogenic cells appear to be similar to meristematic cells with isodiametric shape.
QuadTech, a press control technology company based in Sussex, WI, USA, has announced a new partnership with the Callus Group to provide QuadTech closed-loop color control and color measurement systems for its offset, flexo and gravure presses.
These treatments include nail trimming and shaping, moisturizing, callus removal, paraffin treatment and massages all designed with a man's needs in mind.
Accordingly, the present work was undertaken to establish an efficient and reproducible protocol for callus induction from hypocotyl explants of commercially important slicing cucumber cv.
syringae applied to the standard half gram of tissue culture reduced the weight of fresh callus by 20 percent within 48 hours.
In 1989, Herbert Erwin took his five-year-old registered mastiff to the Animal Medical Center in the Bronx for treatment of an infected callus on the dog" leg.
Dropping the stem through the drainage hole of an inverted flower pot provides darkness and still air to encourage rooting yet allow the steam base to form a callus.
NTT-ME will provide the service through a new company it will establish with Callus Computer Corp.
The objective of this study was to optimize ginkgolide and bilobalide production of ginkgo callus using chemical modification, methyl jasmonate.
2 of the edition), Callus chose Latin rather than vernacular texts because Latin is "the queen of languages" (linguarum reginam) and "at home everywhere" (ubique domesticae).