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Heather refers to three types of plants - calluna, daboecia and Erica.
Calluna is the common heather which is native to these isles and has small leaves.
5 (Acidic), then you will be able to grow most varieties of Heather or Ericas for winter flowers and Callunas for spring tips and late summer colour.
Nurserymen dye white winter-flowering callunas to offer gardeners a much more co-ordinated planting scheme.
GIVE your patio a bit of moorland magic with a fine display of Scottish heathers, also know as callunas.
Choose heathers such as Erica carnea and Erica darleyensis for flowers and mix them with callunas, which have brightly-coloured foliage in winter, to create a ground-hugging tapestry of colour.
Other plants to look for are late summer flowering callunas, a type of heather, and asters.