calling into question

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Synonyms for calling into question

a challenge to defend what someone has said

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Site and work inevitably enter into a state of symbiosis, or else of conflict, calling into question the white cube and traditional hierarchies of use.
New enrollment figures given to the Simi Valley Unified School District have left some on the school board calling into question the need to reopen Arroyo Elementary School for the 2000-01 school year.
This reality begs a more intriguing distinction between our time and the future, calling into question the near extinction of our most precious muse, our alienation.
Furthermore, consistent with what Motient has been saying for some time now, ISS noted that Highland President James Dondero participated in many of the transactions he is now calling into question while he served on Motient's board of directors.
Post-colonial thought, feminism, and voices from many other marginalized sectors - all criticisms of the dogmas of modernity - are calling into question both tradition and the "universal" claim of the kind of history reflected in encyclopedias, as if it were every group's experience.