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beautiful handwriting

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Al-Kabodi studied Riq', Al-Dewani and Al-Thlth Arabic calligraphy font courses at the forum.
Arabic calligraphy is a cultural element found among Arab nations and Islamic cultures.
You are the only contemporary artist of your generation in Pakistan who has received both a formal education in calligraphy from an ustad for three years and completed a BFA from an art school.
Three years ago, the Egyptian Calligraphy Society submitted a request to the People's Assembly (the Lower House of the now dissolved Egyptian Parliament) to endorse the establishment of a union for calligraphers, but it was not until after the January revolution that such a request was officially endorsed.
The field of Islamic calligraphy is almost inexhaustible, given the various types of Arabic script and the extension of Islamic culture', writes the well-known Islamic scholar Annemarie Schimmel in her authoritative work, Calligraphy and Islamic Culture [New York, 1984].
The senior lecturer in design has already established the International Research Centre for Calligraphy at the university and is now celebrating the first year as programme leader of the university's foundation degree in calligraphy with design, run from Kensington Palace in London.
Pottery is a craft long connected with the sultanate, but calligraphy is an art form more commonly associated with countries such as Syria or Turkey than with Oman.
Presented in scroll format, the calligraphy showcases Tanahashi's explorations of the use of acrylic paint on canvas.
Bokutotsuso; studies on the calligraphy of the Zen master Muso Soseki (1275-1351).
BIRMINGHAM Calligraphy Society is launching a series of workshops at Saint Martin's in the Bullring.
ROME -- Hong Kong's new Cardinal Zen Zi-kiun received gifts of Chinese poetry and calligraphy from Catholics in the "underground" and government approved Chinese church.
The 500-year-old practice of Chinese calligraphy is presented here as a complete, step-by-step guide for creating the most important symbols of Chinese folklore--Luck, Love, Happiness, and Long Life.
Lin Hwai-min incorporates meditative and martial arts movements in Cursive as Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan embodies the energy and look of calligraphy.
Barrass, reflects some of the ironies and contradictions in the recent history of calligraphy in China.