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Synonyms for calligraphic

of or relating to representation by means of writing

Synonyms for calligraphic

of or relating to or expressed in calligraphy

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Ahmed Khan is considered to be one of Pakistan's greatest living calligraphic artist, who is known for bright tones on white canvas.
In calligraphic category, Zia ul Haq Awan clinched first, Younis Roomi second and Aqsa Rasheed bagged third position.
This exhibition titled "The Supremacy of Letters" is an extensive body of calligraphic work resulting from an indepth study of lines in the Arabic calligraphy, using them not only for their divine and spiritual connotations but also for their inventive forms.
Munich-based Wiescher Design offers various scripts and text designs including the Scriptissimo(TM) family, a calligraphic design that includes different characters for use at the beginning, middle and end of words and phrases.
ISLAMABAD -- National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) would start admissions in calligraphy course from January 13 to create awareness among the younger generation about the traditional styles of calligraphic art.
RAWALPINDI -- Aftab Ahmed calligraphic exhibition in connection with the Moharram ul Haram opened at Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC), on Monday.
There he began etching histories in the style of local hero Marten van Heemskerck: furtive, calligraphic animations of Counter-Reformation dogma.
ITC Chivalry is a calligraphic hybrid that adheres to the tradition of combining Roman capitals with italic lowercase letters.
Many artists have also endorsed his calligraphic style.
RAWALPINDI -- Rawalpindi Arts Council held an exhibition titled "All Punjab Calligraphic Exhibition" here on Monday displaying the works of 30 artists and 7 family calligraphers.
Ballard's engagement with form intensifies in the '90s, in a series of paintings of hay bales, meditations on light's play across a simple form that recalls the haystacks Monet immortalized, though Ballard's project is sparer, more purely muscular and calligraphic than painterly.
Nicholas and Cossgrove also created Fairbank Chancery, a calligraphic rendition of the face, as well as several typographic extras, including a suite of ornate caps, elegant ligatures and lowercase swash characters.
Consul General also presented 'Allama Bil-Qalam'-a book of Islamic Calligraphic works by Pakistani artists as a souvenir to Imam Sudais who was highly impressed by the artistic work and craftsmanship of Pakistani calligraphers.
A contemporary definition of calligraphic practice is the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious and skilful manner, said the organizers.
The brushwork is calligraphic and entirely transparent, and the dry, minutely cracked pigment suggests the fragility of a budding sprig; adjoining whitish rectangular sections intimate the diaphaneity of organic membranes.