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Renowned calligraphers from within the Kingdom and 36 Arab and Muslim countries participated in various rounds of the competition.
Al Owais added that upon the directives of Shaikh Sultan, the department has held a series of meetings with calligraphers so as to enable the setting up of the society.
I was very charmed by the Arabic scripts, especially the "Thuluth" type, which was invented by a renowned Persian calligrapher in the 11th century.
Last year in Madinah the King Fahd Printing Press organized an international calligraphy competition featuring the work of about 600 calligraphers.
The calligraphers who hail from 11 Arab and Muslim countries handed over the copy of the divine scripture they meticulously reproduced by hand to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, at the conclusion of its three-day sixth edition of Ramadan Forum for Quran Calligraphy, for assessment and proofreading.
Bahrain: An art exhibition by Lebanese calligrapher Samir Al Sayegh opened last night at Bin Matar House, Muharraq.
He is also a member of the Egyptian Arabic Calligraphy Association, and a founding member of the Union of Muslim World of Calligraphers based in Istanbul.
When I look around, there are few calligraphers and also the quality of carving has deteriorated.
According to Raza, He has been collecting the artworks for the last three decades, his several trips to China and networking opportunities with prominent calligraphers and Chinese Islamic forums enabled him to compile this charming collection.
There will also be a boat trip to visit remote fishing villages in Laos to watch local weavers ply their trade and, in Vietnam, a chance to discover the hidden corners of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) and to meet water puppeteers and calligraphers.
During a prolific 200-year period in the 14th-16th centuries, four master calligraphers created one of the most aesthetically refined forms of Persian culture: nasta'liq, a type of calligraphy so beautiful that many say the expressive form of the script even eclipses the meaning of the words.
The exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of talented Arabic calligraphers and typographers who are pushing the boundaries of the art form into new directions.
There are enormous ceiling-to-floor scrolls in big scrawled letters (some painted by somewhat inebriated calligraphers as a sort of performance art, according to curator Joseph Scheier-Dolberg); more intimate works in delicate, gossamer characters on paper; a work in purposefully blotchy characters on satin; and immense complete works like a rare Buddhist "Lotus Sutra'' scroll and a complete book spread page by page across a wall.
AN exhibition celebrating the work of one of Northumberland's best-loved calligraphers has opened to the public.
One unique commemoration came in the form of a remarkable group exhibition of calligraphic works by Qatari calligraphers and a resident master of the art currently on display at the Waqif Art Center.