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An elegantly calligraphed sign on the wall displayed a dictum by Sun Tzu: "All warfare is based on deception.
Though by no means the most beautifully calligraphed of Renaissance manuscripts (it never received the illuminated initials that should have marked each piece), nor the most imposing (the four paper partbooks that comprise the set measure a slight 6" x 4"), it transmits a significant repertoire.
They are made from wood, metal, slate, stone, bread and growing plants and are sculpted, drawn, carved, cut and stitched in needle-point, calligraphed and printed to demonstrate the art and craft of letters of the alphabet.
The willow calligraphed its loon lines in the water.
For strict Muslims, to say that the scripture represents God's word means that it is both co-eternal with Him and uncreated; indeed, in such reverence is the scriptural language held that there were intense early debates over the status of the written letters in calligraphed copies and even over the nature of the words as they took articulate shape in the mouths of reciters.
There was also an inlaid table from Syria with the word 'God' beautifully calligraphed.
various experimental piano pieces; a long list of his antic tempo directions ("Be-dig yourself"; "Laugh without anyone knowing"; "Scratch"); and facsimiles of his elegantly calligraphed scores.
His having calligraphed the Wei stele was probably true enough, but it is unlikely that he wrote its text, since during the month and a half during which Ts'ao P'i debated with his prominent advisers about becoming emperor, Chung Yu was not to be heard.
The invitations themselves, calligraphed by Erica Loesing and letterpressed like the save-the-dates, were placed in canvas book covers that read "You're invited to.
a giant size copy of the Koran calligraphed by Mohiuddin Qureshi about 200 years ago, are on display.
In 1868, a finely lithographed Holy Quran, calligraphed by Mohd Hamid Ali was published by the press at a price of Re1.
There's Henderson's passport which he used to travel to Norway to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize in 1934 ( a year before his death, a certificate awarding him the freedom of the city of Newcastle, a beautifully calligraphed book of his life presented by the Labour Movement, and dozens of black and white photos and press cuttings charting his life.
Esther Inglis, who was noted for her exquisite handwriting, presented the queen with a calligraphed book of Psalms in 1599.
These comprise copies of the holy Koran also, like we have a 13th century holy script of holy Koran, which was calligraphed by a Kashmiri 'Fateh Ullah Kashmiri' in the 13th century.
The roofs of the houses are decorated with the beautifully calligraphed Quranic Ayaats (verses).