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write beautifully and ornamentally

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In 1960, he collaborated on the Alwin Nikolais work Totem; in 1961, he created costumes for Murray Louis's Calligraph for Martyrs.
The star also left his interest in his jazz record label Calligraph Records to his manager Susan Da Costa.
So much of his writings, art, calligraphs and photographs, emanating naturally from deep spiritual springs serve as means to transport us closer to that promised life.
The drama his quiet calligraphs seem to enact is archetypal; he stayed just inside that boundary across which the abstract passes fatally into the figurative, enabling his elementary forms to conjure a fleeting yet evocative world of memory, dream, and experience.
McGill also preserves over 200 Arabic calligraphs and fragments, and lists of signed calligraphs and Qur anic fragments have been published by the author (cf.