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any of various shrubs and small trees valued for their fine foliage and attractive spreading habit and clustered white to deep pink or red flowers

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After exposure, the treehoppers were placed on a caged Calliandra plant and held at 23 [+ or -]1[degrees]C.
Koutika LS, Hauser S, Kamga JGM, Yerima B (2004) Comparative study of soil properties under Chromolaena odorata, Pueraria phaseoloides and Calliandra calothyrsus.
1998) measured significant depletion of NaOH-extractable inorganic and organic P in the rhizosphere of Guinea grass, Calliandra, and bean, but only significant depletion of NaOH-extractable inorganic P in the rhizosphere of tea.
No Perfil 2, esta palinozona é também caracterizada pelo aumento na quantidade e variedade de pólen arbóreo (28,0-37,5%), representado pelas espécies de Apocynaceae, Arecaceae, Calliandra, Celtis, Clethraceae, Euphorbiaceae, Ilex, Lauraceae, Magnolia, Meliaceae, Myrtaceae, Rapanea, Rubiaceae e Solanaceae.
Effect of the tropical tannin-rich shrub legumes Calliandra calothyrsus and Flemingia macrophylla on methane emission and nitrogen and energy balance in growing lambs.
Calliandra haematomma and Lysiloma sabicu have the same type of extrafloral nectaries, probably active on the developing leaves during the time they are the most vulnerable to herbivory; these nectaries may support the same kinds of ant protectors that are present on Inga species (Koptur 1984, 1994; Wickers 1997; Pascal et al.
Anther opening, polyad presentation, pollenkitt and pollen adhesive in four Calliandra species (Mimosaceae-Ingeae).
Carlos and Lascano (2003) confirmed that the inclusion of tannin-rich legumes such as Calliandra calothyrsus and Flemingia macrophylla in forage-based diets significantly reduced methane release but also negatively affected nutrient degradation and N turnover.
I have seen ivy geranium, prostrate rosemary, gazania, lantana, princess flower, camellia, gardenia, calliandra, russellia, pyracantha, loquat and even magnolia growing on trellises.
eriostachys, Calliandra calothyrsus, Cytisus grandiflorus, C.
Herbage biomass and nutritive value of mulberry foliage (Morus alba) and calliandra calothyrsus harvested at different cutting frequencies.
Coreopsis offers bright yellow flowers, calliandra eriophylla (desert fairy duster) with its pink fluffy flowers and some penstemons offer bright reds and brilliant blues and purples, all with minimal water needs.
On frost-tender plants such as bougainvillea, calliandra, citrus, and Natal plum, remove damaged wood and shape plants as new growth appears.
1999) also found that tannin content was poorly correlated with digestibility of DM and N in foliages from some Leucaena varieties and Calliandra.