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a request by the manufacturer of a defective product to return the product (as for replacement or repair)


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They, too, had lower callback rates for sales, security, and janitorial occupations than did young applicants, but the pattern was not as stark as it was for the older women.
Our new Callback App simplifies the process of making a call and therefore makes it much easier for customers to benefit from the highly discounted calling rate of AED3/min that the callback feature offers.
With the roaming service launched by deploying Defne's Roamers CallBack solution, the mobile operator is now able to offer its subscribers a cost-effective way to place calls when they are roaming outside its network.
Given customers' preference for callback over waiting on hold, and organizations' ability to leverage callback to reduce abandon rates, and improve the customer experience and build loyalty in the process, electing to use callback is a no-brainer.
8 percent callback rate) to the online for-profits.
Technology companies are highly targeted - Technology companies experienced the highest rate of callback activity associated with the next generation of cyber attacks.
malware families against callbacks, FireEye discovered that the majority of APT
Dianne Harding, Tenovus Cancer Callback Nurse, at Tenovus said:"Patients often tell us they simply don't want to bother their nurse or GP with what they think are silly questions about their cancer or their treatment.
Tenovus Cancer Callback service will offer newly diagnosed patients across South Wales a series of regular calls from an experienced nurse.
We asked the builders about customer callbacks or construction-related complaints during the previous 12 months, how they responded, and how they are striving to improve their quality controls.
Designed to leverage Aspect's solution suite, Scheduled Callback was designed to be most effective when accurate staff schedules and forecasts are managed with Aspect eWorkforce Management software.
These Web interactions may be deployed as Callback with collaboration, text chat with collaboration, Meet-me, or Callback only.
Cable & Wireless has hailed a judge's ruling that callback service provided by local company Spycecom was illegal, reports CANA (June 29, 1999).
Internet-based callback schemes are also starting to emerge.