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a challenge to a fight or duel

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Home Office figures reveal the total call-outs of 44,000 by fire crews to medical emergencies was four times as many as 2010.
In the data, the city has been split up into council wards and the figures of call-outs are broken up into internal and external jobs - with external figures relating to rats in people's gardens and nearby streets and internal meaning when the rodents have made it inside properties.
South Wales Fire and Rescue Service received more than 300 calls to incidents as crews battled the Bonfire Night blitz which was responsible for nearly half the call-outs.
That works out to around a third of all call-outs based on the station getting on average 60 to 70 call-outs per year.
These recruits will work with existing crew to ensure all emergency road ambulance call-outs will be double crewed in the coming months.
The full list of call-outs were for: rats 1,847, mice 461, wasps 331, bedbugs 205, cockroaches 55, other insects 82, mammals 42, ants 31 and birds 7.
This added up to more call-outs per head than the third- and second-placed councils - Vale of Glamorgan and Cardiff respectively - combined.
However, the RAC Pothole Index, which looks at the number of call-outs relating to potholes over a 12-month period, currently stands at 2.
Overall, the total number of call-outs to deal with pests in Birmingham was down from 16,500 in 2014 compared with 11,980 calls last year.
The AA will have extra patrols on duty on Monday as it expects to attend up to 15,000 call-outs - nearly a fifth more than normal.
MOST Scottish Ambulance staff have been assaulted while dealing with boozerelated call-outs, a survey has revealed.
one of the call-outs said someone had popped three LSD tablets, and ?
Figures show that Kirklees police logged 5,749 call-outs for incidents of domestic violence in 2014/15 - a 17.
Dublin Fire Brigade confirmed they were called to 232 fires during the busy night while ambulances had 259 call-outs.
Over the last five years, London Ambulance Service responded to 11,780 alcohol-related call-outs involving under-18s at a cost of more than Au2.