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a return call

the recall of an employee after a layoff

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With In-Call Rescue, Credit Union of Colorado customers who are on hold for two and a half minutes are told how long their expected wait time will be and given the option to request a call-back instead of having to wait.
Patients are prioritised according to their clinical need and local performance indicators have been agreed with YAS which demonstrate that more than 90% of patients received a call-back within two hours.
With real time call-backs, there is no delay in answering the visitor's queries.
I wonder why they have a call-back service if they are not going to call in one or two days.
NHS 24 managers were told last month to reduce their use of call-back after a report warned that risks associated with it had not been properly assessed.
international long-distance resellers offer call-back services to multinational firms or their customers abroad.
It's now possible to restrict access to data bases by controlling terminal use (through call-back systems) and to effectively protect data in transmission through the use of encryption/decryption devices.
BlackBerry users can download the free One4000 call-back application to initiate calls via the Internet.
Patients were yesterday told they will have to wait 16 months for the emergency hotline's call-back service to reach "manageable levels".
THE Coventry branch of Cats Protection has introduced a new helpline call-back service.
The Resolution also welcomes plans to review the new regulation structures of the financial markets in 2004 and "demands that the introduction of a binding call-back mechanism be included on the agenda of the Inter-Governmental Conference (IGC) to be convened on 2004".
Police dialled 1471 to catch a killer who had used the same BT call-back service to track his victim, a court heard yesterday.
The latest average call-back time for help is 68 minutes - compared with eight minutes when the helpline started in 2002.