call waiting

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a way of letting you know that someone else is calling when you are using your telephone

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VoiceAds are audio commercials that replace the standard call waiting tone during the waiting period for connecting a call; TuneAds replace the standard call waiting tone with music.
PeoplePC continues to raise the bar for the competition by improving our standard service with tools and applications that enable an enjoyable Internet experience -- the addition of Internet Call Waiting is only one example," said Hilary Jensen, director of product management, PeoplePC.
With Talking Call Waiting, you don't have to play guessing games or hope the caller leaves you a voice mail message.
Sprint Internet Call Waiting delivers the name and number of the caller using a 'pop-up' box on the computer screen.
By permitting users to screen incoming telephone calls without interrupting their on-line connection, the Call Waiting modems have been an incredible success," commented Alex Hewko, VP of channel sales and marketing for Actiontec.
31, the charge for residential and business call waiting will be $5.
All three new phones have Caller ID with Call Waiting.
The new Call Waiting function gives a VP-200 videophone user who is already in a videophone call, a visual notification on the TV screen when a second call comes in.
3 Way Conferencing provides users the ability to connect up to three parties on the same call and also drop the last party to enter the conference; -- Call Waiting provides users the ability to answer more than one call at a time or make a call while already on the phone; -- Call Waiting Caller ID provides users the ability to see the caller ID number of additional calls presented when already on the phone; -- Hold enables users the ability to put calls on mute or hold to retrieve another call or make another call from a single telephone with a single line; and -- Line Alternate enables users to switch between calls or make a call when already on the phone.
a manufacturer of data communication products, has unveiled the Actiontec 56K USB Call Waiting Modem, which supports the iMac, G3, and other USB-equipped Macintosh computers.
To keep your connection, you typically have to disable your phone's Call Waiting feature.
at WCES, including a two-line Caller ID unit and a Caller ID/ Call Waiting unit.
This new product also offers 20 distinctive ringer options, caller ID, call waiting, handset paging and a new message waiting indicator with an alert tone option.
Today EarthLink announced the launch of EarthLink Internet Call Waiting, powered by CallWave, which allows dial-up subscribers to receive incoming telephone calls while online, making missed calls a thing of the past.
a manufacturer of data communication products, has debuted Call Waiting Modems.