call to arms

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  • noun

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a rallying term used by proponents of a cause

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A call to arms is surely appropriate for the man who led us into an illegal war.
William Shakespeare is approached by the resistance to prepare a play to serve as the call to arms to rise up in support of Good Queen Bess, held captive in the Tower of London.
Massive Attack's dark, cinematic music has often been more of a sedative than a call to arms.
His 1970 call to arms, The Future of Man, frets that evolution is spiraling backward, half of humanity is regrettably "dull," and the world's greatest minds are dropping out of the genetic marathon.
Moved by his passionate call to arms, his troops would begin running behind him with a shared sense of direction and purpose but unsure of their individual responsibilities.
Rowland means for Boundaries to be a call to arms for a moribund women's movement whose complacent and decorous tones "has taken on the feel of a wealthy women's charity" The irony is that Rowland, who herself is black, traffics in the all-the-women-are white assumptions that have alienated women of color.
Some might feel that this is too comfortable an approach, a feeble excuse for avoiding the call to arms.
But at least, as seen here, Thomson emerges as a genuinely individual voice whose call to arms is a call to thought.
The book's promotional copy calls the novel "a call to arms against a liver disease so subtle and yet so damaging that it could perhaps be called the AIDS epidemic of the 21st century.
English poet William Langland, who predicted that lack of courtesy would be a mark of the antichrist, according to Saward in Catholic World Report, December 1994, issued a call to arms as it were: by the "gentle weapons" of Christian courtesy, such as reverence for the Blessed Sacrament, devotion to Our Lady, charity and chastity, can discourtesy be defeated.
An initial hair-raising call to arms by bagpipes and tenor drum would indeed gather a mighty army to 'fright the enemy'.
He is inclined to reciprocate these warm advances, except that his fantasies of her keep being interrupted by a call to arms after one more invasion of evil orcs.
The typical edict is see what you can do about it" rather than Nike's "just do it" call to arms.