call the shots

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exercise authority or be in charge

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The post Our View: Cyprus will not be able to call the shots in Brussels appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
We're very excited to perform for our fans," says Lauren, who is promoting the new campaign Call the Shots.
The idea is to make a living doing what you love to do: YOU CALL THE SHOTS covers the secrets of successful start-up businesses, from understanding why start-ups fail and succeed to translating a good idea into a profitable venture.
COVENTRY-BASED film-making group Call the Shots has organised a training course on which participants will shoot two 90-second films.
He didnt gv u his nmbr so he wnts 2 call the shots.
With Elastosil R solid silicone rubber, processors can call the shots, starting with selecting the best processing method and producing the right elastomer compound, then pigmenting the material and finding the optimum processing window for the compound, according to the literature.
FOR all George Bush's good intentions to navigate the road map of Middle Eastern peace, little will be achieved as long as the old men call the shots.
For each commodity--livestock, poultry, wheat, corn--four or five large companies call the shots, controlling the crop from seed to shelf.
At the largest firms in Japan and Germany, quick-thinking CEOs almost never call the shots on their own.
Since Cuba was opened to foreign investment after the end of the Cold War, architects (reportedly 90 per cent of them) have found themselves working, often in association with foreign investors who call the shots, on state tourist buildings.
Now, it's the federal government's turn to call the shots, as the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) prepares to release new salmon protection regulations before the end of the year.
Thus, it would destroy the fundament of power in the global capitalist system: owners call the shots.