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Primark in Broadgate, Coventry city centre, weighed in with 117 recorded crimes among the 171 call outs.
However, the number of call outs for the inshore lifeboat crews are on a par with previous years.
No two call outs are ever the same and the volunteers never know what they may be called upon to do.
The past year was the highest annual number of call outs for the bomb disposal teams since 1979, the Defence Forces spokesman said.
We do urban, rural and mountain call outs and we've seen people coming to Wales because they've not been going abroad as they normally would.
The company's computer integrated testing equipment tests every batch to ensure that rubber compounds meet stringent quality requirements and line call outs.
British Gas Central Heating Care includes all call outs and parts and labour for your boiler, radiators, controls and hot water.
Customers can soon expect automated call outs in advance of each delivery; while integrated text messaging will ensure the lines of communication remain open between drivers and dispatchers in markets where cell phone use is banned while on the road.
She said: "Attending 18,000 call outs is a staggering amount, and just goes to show how vital a resource the air ambulance is to the people of Wales.
Contract notice: supply, installation, removal, storage and recycling of internal and external domestic lifts together with all servicing, call outs and repairs to the existing domestic lift stock within public and private sector properties located in the borough of dudley
5% of call outs were coming in under eight minutes and they were given until October to meet the national target of 75%.