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a mark consisting of characters written on a book

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For more information on the forums, log onto the NYSA website or call Mark Kaplan at the New York Society of Architects at (212) 385-8950.
For a copy of the survey, call Mark Blumkin of Deloitte & Touche at 212-436-2359.
If you have questions about earnings, please call Mark Boudreaux, Dave Gardner, or Gantt Walton at 972-444-1107.
In the first call Mark Williams warned that people were milling about and ready to cause trouble, said Mr Roger Bleazard, prosecuting.
Call Mark Robertson on 0191 256 3101 or e-mail mark.
uk, call 01609 767212 or call Mark Haynes on 01609 767056 or email mark.
To donate, call Mark on 07751 810774 or e-mail covsprint@btinternet.
Call Mark on 029 2046 1564 or e-mail info@cardiffmardi gras.
For details call Mark on 07748 141240 or e-mail markevans232@hotmail.
Information: call Mark Covert at (661) 722-6442 or send e-mail to mcovert(at)avc.
To book an advert on this column call Mark McGarvey on: 028 9056 8100 or email: markmcgarvey@mirror.
Call Mark Boyd on 07890 678 203 or Sean on 07815 897 482.
com or call Mark on 07891 152592, or contact Darren on 07810 455586.
For more information contact Shaun on 01642 291297 or 07837379894 or call Mark 01642 275814.
To book places, call Mark Singlehurst on 024 7649 1867.