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The tool pre-fills the majority of the 150 required fields and takes an average 40-minute call down to a 10-minute call or a five-minute online experience, the company said.
Call down now to your local Smyths Toys Superstore or shop online at smythstoys.
CALL down blessings on your persecutors - blessings, not curses.
I, a weak father, lack the language and the innocence to call down angels.
In Luke's gospel the two brothers ask Jesus if they should call down fire from heaven on some inhospitable Samaritans.
Instead With the new system, residents simply dial *7 on their home phone to call down and talk directly to their doorman.
He's the guy in the bullpen who might get the call down the pennant stretch when AL opponents send to the plate their power-hitting left-handers - Ortiz, Oakland's Eric Chavez, Texas' Hank Blalock and Seattle's Raul Ibanez.
The best architects, from the people who made Stonehenge to the most sensitive designers today, have always understood that we can call down divine fire, focus community, make a place for home.