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Synonyms for calisthenics

the practice of calisthenic exercises

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light exercises designed to promote general fitness

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Once up and running, the new pavilion and multisport training facility will provide local clubs like the Northcrest Calisthenics Club, Mernda Cricket Club, Mernda Football and Netball Club the capacity to grow and cater for all people.
Little difference was observed between the 2 training sites in terms of percentage of time recruits spent in calisthenics (3.
Often referred to as calisthenics in order to denote their feminization, gymnastic systems deemed appropriate for U.
The Canadians will be south of the border as you read this, so work on them calisthenics .
Mornings at the Wanfeng automotive factory outside Shanghai begin with a neat line of employees doing calisthenics to martial music broadcast over a public address system.
In the Nurses Health Study, women who averaged two to three hours a week of recreational exercise (jogging, running, playing tennis, doing calisthenics, or walking briskly) were 20 percent less likely to need their gallbladders removed than women who did little or no exercise.
bugle reveille, followed by requisite calisthenics or a dip in the lake.
Calisthenics on the deck of the battleship USS Iowa (BB 61) keep muscles in tone, while a band, rehearsing in the left foreground, keeps the musicians in tune.
Engineers there have recently proposed an aircraft that would perform wing calisthenics.
These may include pounding a tennis racket on a chair, pounding a pillow with one's fist, shouting and moving one's body vigorously or doing calisthenics.
The calisthenics period before practice was incredible--not 15 straddle hops, but a hundred
The researchers enrolled 17 patients with chronic heart failure in a program of low-level leg calisthenics that improved leg muscle strength and endurance (indicating improved oxidative capacity in the peripheral muscle) but didn't affect pulmonary function.
The court found that a prison regulation that prohibited group calisthenics in the prison yard was reasonably related to ensuring security and avoiding gang activity.
These rhetorical feints are mere calisthenics before the heavy lifting of the bombs, a ritual clearing of the throat before the war whoop.
Swimming, English lessons, and playing with electronic educational materials are the most common forms of educational activities for 18-month-old children, while for 3-year-olds, swimming, attending preschool classes, and calisthenics are the most common activities.