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Synonyms for callisthenics

the practice of calisthenic exercises


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light exercises designed to promote general fitness

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As I have just noted, most nineteenth-century writers who espoused gymnastics for women approved of calisthenic exercises, several of which are recognizable today.
Trall, The Illustrated Family Gymnasium, Containing the Most Improved Methods of Applying Gymnastic, Calisthenic, Kinesepathic, and Vocal Exercises to the Development of the Bodily Organs, the Invigoration of their Functions, the Preservation of Health and the Cure of Diseases and Deformities (New York, 1857), 26-27; Elizabeth Powell, instructor for physical training requests a cast of the Venus de Milo for Vassar Gymnasium, 16 Oct.
See, for example, Catharine Beecher, Calisthenic Exercises, in Physiology and Calisthenics, Catharine Beecher (New York, 1856), 20.
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Some texts were concerned about underdeveloped or weak lungs Beecher, Calisthenic Exercises, 11; Phelps, The Educator, 110; Lewis, Treasury, 267.
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Beecher, Calisthenic Exercises, 12, 52); "First Arm Position: Arms Up
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Often referred to as calisthenics in order to denote their feminization, gymnastic systems deemed appropriate for U.
Although we lack conclusive proof that gymnastics and calisthenics were practiced in the majority of female academies and seminaries of the day, irrefutable evidence exists that they were included in the curricula of leading northeastern female seminaries and women's colleges--most of which trained teachers who carried their pedagogical training with them to schools in mid-western, in southern, and in western regions of the expanding nation.
In this context, specifically between 1830-1870, calisthenics and gymnastics regimes designed for U.
Such was the milieu in which nineteenth-century gymnastics and calisthenics systems offered women palliatives for infirmities that were equated with consumptive female invalidism.
49) For example, Beecher's first formal instructions regarding her Calisthenics Exercises appertained to the "Military Position