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the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth

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Having done this she begged the Calenders to sit on a sofa on one side of the room, and the Caliph and his friends to place themselves opposite.
Zobeida then got up from her seat between the Calenders and the Caliph and walked slowly across to where the porter stood with the dogs.
The Caliph in particular could hardly contain himself, and made signs to the vizir to ask what it all meant.
The Calenders and the Caliph looked at each other, and whispered together, unheard by Zobeida and Sadie, who were tending their fainting sister.
At length the Caliph could contain his curiosity no longer, and declared that he would compel the ladies to tell them the meaning of their strange conduct.
The seven culprits all thought their last hour had come, and the Caliph repented bitterly that he had not taken the vizir's advice.
The Caliph, who was naturally very impatient, suffered far more than either of the others at feeling that his life was at the mercy of a justly offended lady, but when he heard her question he began to breathe more freely, for he was convinced that she had only to learn his name and rank for all danger to be over.
Its length was equal to that of three of the loftiest trees that grow, and it was as wide as the great hall of audience in your palace, O most sublime and munificent of the Caliphs.
No sooner had we got rid of these birds, which occasioned us great annoyance, than we were terrified by the appearance of a fowl of another kind, and infinitely larger than even the rocs which I met in my former voyages; for it was bigger than the biggest of the domes on your seraglio, oh, most Munificent of Caliphs.
My late father pointed out that day that the famous Muslim caliph, Omar, who was the second caliph after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), had visited Jerusalem and this prominent church.
What Dilipak said was that as he saw it, when the new presidential system is set in place in Turkey, Erdoy-an will in fact be a caliph.
The decision in this regard was taken after the religious scholars demanded holiday on the martyrdom day of the second caliph.
Every Islamic movement, party, or organization claimed to be more entitled to raise the flag and restore the Islamic caliphate ruled by one caliph who governs all the Muslims around the world.
A security source told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / Daash terrorist organization executed 7 civilians demonstrated yesterday against Daash in Rutba of western Anbar by firing squad on charges of "out on the Caliph and disobedience.
Dr Waley says that under the third caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, copies of the "definitive edition" were distributed.