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Synonyms for caliper

measure the diameter of something with calipers

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Needy people will be provided with Jaipur foot/ hand (artificial limb), calipers, wheelchairs, crutches during the camp.
In use, the attachment is in two parts, one fitting each blade of the caliper and secured with 5/62 hex bolts.
Tint World(R) Automotive Styling Centers, an auto accessory and window tinting franchise, has collaborated with MGP Caliper Covers, an America-based manufacturer.
Disk brakes require only two parts: a disk (commonly called the "rotor") and a caliper to squeeze and hold that disk.
Currently, the company carries out diagnostics of pipelines from 159 mm up to 1220 mm using VIP own production: multi-channel caliper, ultrasonic, magnetic, magnetic and combined combined magnetic ultrasonic flaw detectors.
Then loosen the caliper retaining bolts with a socket and ratchet (Photo 1).
PerkinElmer revealed in September an agreement to buy Caliper for USD10.
Caliper and Pfizer has been collaborating on the development of cellular methods to measure the ability of a compound to inhibit kinase activity.
Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, Caliper said it has agreed to disclose additional information as part of a pending settlement.
New Molykote G-3407 Caliper Pin Grease solved caliper-pin corrosion and wear problems experienced by a Tier 1 brake-systems manufacturer during durability testing of a new-vehicle program," said Matt Hagemeyer, an application engineer for MolykoteAbrand lubricants from Dow Corning.
CALiPER tests a wide range of commercially available SSL products, and publishes the results online at www.
We believe this task order will help fuel strong double-digit growth by our CDAS business in 2010 to complement our continuing strong imaging and microfluidic growth outlook," commented Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper.
It's almost as if it is about checking the box on repurposing an existing disc and caliper design, while adding an upgraded anti-lock sensor or two.
Hopkinton, MA and San Diego, CA 2/26/08 -- Caliper Life Sciences has entered into a settlement agreement with AntiCancer, resolving the patent infringement suit that AntiCancer brought against Xenogen in 2005.