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a cat having black and cream-colored and yellowish markings

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MEET Amber, a pretty Calico cat who was found as a stray and has recently had kittens.
Curious as to why the male calico cat she had acquired by chance was so rare, Gould began looking at the underlying genetics, and discovered that modern scientists have a much more complex understanding of inheritance than Mendel's thinking, and than popular media would have people believe.
CHINTZ (above) is a spayed female calico cat aged around two or three.
He has used a courtroom scene from "My Cousin Vinnie" to teach a point about cross-examination and a children's poem about a gingham dog and a calico cat to illustrate the advantages of mediation over litigation.
The ordeal ended when a pair of passers-by spotted the calico cat while crossing a footbridge in Missoula, Montana, and called for help.
If a calico cat could talk, it would probably sound like Bill Murray.
The cat CC, the first cloned pet, has a different coat color than Rainbow, the calico cat she was cloned from.
The calico cat likes to sit on my lap and be scratched while I feed Buttercup.
In the case of a calico cat, the feline's parents passed on different versions of X chromosome genes related to coat color.
Changa is a calico cat whose idea of a hot date is Ted Koppel and "Nightline.
PLANO, Texas -- "My Secret Life as Peanut," a true animal tale featuring a curious, covert, and mischievous calico cat living a double life, will be released June 4.
On the stats front, you need to have an official rating of 109 or higher, so Calico Cat and Fiorente can go.
He has lived with his partner, Deborah Newton, for thirty-four years in Providence, Rhode Island, currently with a calico cat named Penny Century and a chocolate cocker spaniel named Brownie.
We looked at ideas for the shop, Calico Cat and discussed ways in which we could attract attention to the advert.
Lane County Animal Regulation Authority is looking for the owner of a female Calico cat that was abandoned in the LCARA parking lot Friday.