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crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru

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Carbonate is present in lags as rounded, concentrically-laminated caliche nodules and as fragments of blocky, laminated limestone.
We computed linear regressions on site-wide encounters of lizards per unit effort against total surface area of caliche, total area of blowouts, and mean size of blowout for S.
Caliche con Carne front-man James Jordan said: "I haven't been directly involved with efforts to stop the game, but am involved with the Venezuela Solidarity Network in the United States.
McKinley says another solution to caliche is raised beds, built above the ground and filled with new soil.
With hard rock and caliche being the norm for soil conditions, most utility contractors use 40-to 50-ton rock trenchers to install new lines in the area.
The Demonstration Home uses a variety of techniques, including adobe and rammed earth walls, straw bales (with hand stuccoed finish for fire and pest resistance), recycled glass blocks and caliche blocks.
The cut chip wear resistance was measured after the tires have been subjected to severe service on a gravel and caliche track at speeds around 50 km/h.
Actually, we didn't have a choice because this soil has a natural caliche (calcium-carbonate) layer 3 to 5 feet deep that can't be reconstructed anymore than a rock could be smashed and reassembled.
10 Hydropedology in Caliche Soils Weathered from Glen Rose Limestone of Lower Cretaceous Age in Texas
Imbricated repetition of caliche limestone in a duplex structure in the North River area appears to be related to the emplacement of the thrust slice, but is directed toward the west--this opposing thrust fault arrangement may be akin to a triangle zone structure, as recognised in the Alberta Rockies (Ollerenshaw 1978), and demonstrates that brittle deformation also continued through the Carboniferous rocks in some areas.
Set on sun-hammered caliche festooned with petrified puckerbrush and twisty weeds, it was once a wannabe ranch and forlorn farm.
The Company has now noted on surface the presence of visible gold within exposed the "red" caliche layers that had assayed over 2 grams per ton in prior sampling.
Don Q's line of rums, from Serralles, is topped off by the ultra-premium Don Q Gran Anejo, and last year the company also launched the high-end Caliche.
Don Q's line of rums, from Serra lies, is topped off by the ultra-premium Don Q Gran Anejo, and last year the company also launched the high-end Caliche.
I use a compost tumbler that helps to turn caliche into rich, dark soil, adding leavings from my canning ingredients and chicken poop to the mix.