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crust or layer of hard subsoil encrusted with calcium-carbonate occurring in arid or semiarid regions


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nitrate-bearing rock or gravel of the sodium nitrate deposits of Chile and Peru

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This first Caliche Coastal cavern can hold up to 600 million pounds of ethylene and provides 600,000 pounds per hour of deliverability, supported by comparable brine storage, displacement, and make-up capability.
I saw the face and heard more hollering as the trucks rumbled out of the caliche parking lot and onto the main road into town.
El encuentro con Caliche en las primeras secuencias es distante e incomodo; el sujeto del documental coincide con el director involuntariamente al preguntar "?
For instance, it's been working with bar/nightlife impresario Rande Gerber on Caliche, an aged, ultra-premium white rum, since 2012.
These depressions generally consist of silty clay and caliche material.
Caliche sangriento (1969), segundo largometraje de Soto, fue considerada una de las cintas que dieron inicio al Nuevo Cine Chileno.
We see anything from hard rock, caliche, sandstone, sand or dirt.
Mientras las conversaciones de paz entre el gobierno colombiano y la guerrilla de las FARC transcurren en La Habana, la guerra sigue produciendo bajas en el campo de batalla, algunas de ellas emblematicas, como la del comandante insurgente Carlos Patino, Caliche, quien era brazo derecho de Pablo Catatumbo, uno de los negociadores de la organizacion rebelde en la capital cubana, y cuya muerte evidencia las paradojas de negociar entre balas.
There were eight animals stirring on the caliche plain, the dust caused by their slight movements between clumps of short grass, creating an intermittent fog about their hooves.
Clooney and Gerber, who are said to be working with a master distiller ever since to create the ultimate blend, at first decided that the tequila will be just for them and their friends, but after the success of the former model's Caliche Rum, they decided to launch it.
Below the stand was an area of a couple of acres where the caliche had been scraped away.
During oil and gas development in the southwest, natural habitat is lost and fragmented by networks of caliche (decomposed limestone) roads and well pads.
For the past 25 years Carlos, a skilled guitarist, has been part of the Latin American folk group Caliche, playing festivals around the world as well as holding workshops in UK schools.
Un momento de inflexion fue el ano 1853 cuando el quimico chileno Pedro Gamboni, logro aplicar vapor en la lixiviacion del caliche, reemplazando de ese modo las antiguas Paradas a fuego directo, por un sistema de cachuchos con serpentines.