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of or relating to or resembling a calyx

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The patients who required an upper/middle caliceal puncture or multiple punctures, were morbidly obese, experienced serious bleeding during or after the operation, had a previous history of kidney operations or had a delayed recovery (a sustained extravasation of opaque material on the postoperative antegrade pyelography) were excluded from the study.
Supracostal percutaneous nephrolithotomy for upper pole caliceal calculi.
The cases without caliceal or pelvic dilation were classified as grade 0 hydronephrosis, tumours with pelvic dilation only were classified as grade 1, and the cases accompanying mild calix dilation were classified as grade 2.
31] There is agreement about the role of laparoscopy in stone surgery by many authors, but in special situations, such as those associated with pelvi-ureteric junction obstruction, stone in the pelvic kidney and caliceal stones.
PCNL is associated with several concerns regarding the management of stone disease in malformed kidneys, including abnormal position with abnormal renal and caliceal orientation, abnormal relations of calices to the renal pelvis and upper ureter, aberrant vasculature, relative kidney immobility impeding the maneuverability of rigid instruments, and abnormal relations with other organs, particularly the bowel.
Prospective randomized trial comparing shock wave lithotripsy and ureteroscopy for lower pole caliceal calculi 1 cm or less.
An IVU was done in 3 patients and demonstrated space-occupying lesions and caliceal distortion in 2 patients and a non-functioning kidney in 1 patient (Fig.