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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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Tenders are invited for Framework Agreement for the Supply Reagents, Consumables, Controls and Calibrators 100% Compatible or Equivalent to Analizorarele: Architect C4000, Cell Dyn, Architect and 1000
In addition, prior research indicates that poor calibrators frequently fail to adjust self-assessments, even in the face of negative feedback from evaluative sources (e.
The Thermo Scientific High-Level Model 81iH and Low-Level Model 81iL Mercury Calibrators also offer: a vapor generator to allow calibration of the instrument directly, as well as calibration through the extraction probe; Ethernet connectivity to provide efficient remote access for downloading data from the instrument; ability to perform diagnostic calibrations directly to the analyzer and probe; National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceability; and additional benefits of the iSeries platform, including flexible communications, ease of service and a simplified interface.
com)-- TEK Instrument Company, an online distributor of Instrumentation, Controls, and Gauges now offers the Model VC25 Multifunction Calibrator for voltage, current, frequency, thermocouples and RTD's.
Falsely assigned high values for calibrators lead to falsely high results for patient samples.
In summary, simple aqueous extracts from small portions of 6 different OOM-associated tumors revealed very high FGF-23 concentrations as assessed by the calibrator assay; FGF-23 concentrations were also readily detectable by a modified rapid test that takes <30 min to complete.
The new advanced modular calibration system from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a hand-held test and calibration system that combines an advanced, multi-function calibrator with world class pressure measurement and generation capability.
Beamex introduces MC6 Workstation, a new and advanced panel-mounted calibrator and communicator.
Uncertainty calculation for calibrators of the IFCC Hb[A.
The MC2 Temperature/ Electrical Calibrator and the MC2 Multifunction Calibrators are compact in size and design, which makes them easy to carry and use.
GE Infrastructure, Sensing, has made additions to its DPI 800 Series of hand-held test tools, the DPI 832 electrical loop calibrator and DPI 841/842 frequency calibrators.
A typical application for the new microcalibrating bath is the calibration and testing of thermometers, which, due to their short immersion depth or a specific geometric structure of heir thermowell stem cannot be installed in dry well temperature calibrators.
The derivation of calibration factors from measurements done on a series of chambers from several manufacturers will allow the producers and eventually the users to accurately measure this radiotherapy agent with dose calibrators in a clinical setting.
Calibrators are used by manufacturers, operators and calibration service providers to verify machine-tool accuracy and make precision distance measurements.
Contract notice: Delivery of reagents, calibrators, control materials and supplies, along with the lease of hearing to the department of microbiology and laboratory diagnostics.