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marked with or divided into degrees


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The spokeswoman said: "Regarding an investigation into how equipment was calibrated and checked, a male officer was subsequently dismissed from the force.
QA Calibrate allows users to become immediately more calibrated instead of waiting for a Calibration Meeting with:
The SCS (Straight Calibrated Section) ProverTM is available in line sizes from 3 to 42 inches and ANSI Flange Ratings from ANSI 150 to ANSI 900
Don't forget your PATS needs to be calibrated every 18 months by TMDE if it's to stay accurate.
This step-by-step process provides a user-friendly reference for energy modelers to create accurately calibrated energy models with minimal time investment.
Furthermore, since no study has yet examined preservice teachers' efficacy in relation to effort judgments and calibration accuracy, it was hypothesized that those with higher teacher efficacy would exert more effort and be more highly calibrated than those with lower teacher efficacy.
The test blocks are color-coded to correspond with the calibrated durometer value, and they measure 1/4" x 2" x 2".
The uncertainty of the realization of force for the national deadweight force standards at NIST is discussed, as well as the uncertainties associated with NIST's voltage-ratio measuring instruments and with the characteristics of transducers being calibrated.
Five hundred moderately severe crash scenarios were chosen from available crash data and tests were run and calibrated for each.
Here, however, his efforts aren't so finely calibrated.
The Whitehouse method involves the certification of a master set of slotted sieves using a microscope and image analysis calibrated against NIST and NPL reference graticules.
has introduced its mobile aneroid with the Calibrated [R] V-Lok[R] Inflation System--the Baum Roll-By[TM] Aneroid.
For example, Malcolm said, blood gas analysis devices are calibrated using barometers that contain mercury.
Uncalibrated and calibrated radiocarbon dates from four human bone samples from the island of Oronsay.
New CGI products can be calibrated and entered into the sampling station's software database by correlating the end-of-pour thermal analysis results to actual microstructure-observed castings.