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Synonyms for calibrate



Synonyms for calibrate

make fine adjustments or divide into marked intervals for optimal measuring

mark (the scale of a measuring instrument) so that it can be read in the desired units

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measure the caliber of

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QA Calibrate allows users to become immediately more calibrated instead of waiting for a Calibration Meeting with:
Susie said: "Our Calibrate Boot Camp can transform a business in 48 hours.
Because of the obvious marine-based diets of these individuals we had to `correct' the dates for the marine reservoir effect before we could calibrate them.
The data should enable his team to calibrate further the Ia standard candle, Sandage notes.
Photographers need to be able quickly edit and process shots to deliver to clients on deadline, and the Spyder4 will calibrate all their monitors in just minutes.
It is often impractical to attempt to calibrate a gas flow cone meter using a liquid flow calibration facility.
Calibrate is proud to contribute to InterMune's efforts knowing that lung health and disease prevention awareness is being spread effectively throughout the community.
The synchronicity architecture consists of a software layer that connects both the pre- and post-testing calculation processes of the physical and virtual procedures, then calibrates them so the results have a direct correlation.
Also, electrostatic force generation is common in micro-electromechanica] systems (MEMS), and the ability to calibrate such forces from electrical and length measurements could prove beneficial.
10 to calibrate cameras on a different satellite, the Earth Observing 1.
The TOMS instrument was designed to calibrate itself each week by taking readings from the sun.
The method used to calibrate an instrument typically involves the use of a standard--a material in which the quantity to be measured is a known value.
New measurements were therefore undertaken in four laboratories to calibrate a number of platinum rhodium/platinum thermocouples with reference to the new international temperature scale, ITS-90.
When it is time to calibrate a unit, users simply connect the detector to the calibration gas, and in as little as three minutes all sensors will be calibrated and the technician can get back to work.
Units that must torque counterclockwise with their torque wrenches should ask their TMDE folks to calibrate their wrenches both clockwise and counterclockwise.