calf bone

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the outer and thinner of the two bones of the human leg between the knee and ankle


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Eduardo had suffered a broken left fibula- the calf bone originating from the ankle- and an open dislocation of his ankle.
She had surgery to mend the broken shin and calf bone on the Sunday and doctors in-serted a metal rod in her leg.
Others remaining in hospital, include 23-year-old Ross Jones, who has a broken leg and arm and broken bones in his neck, and 27-year-old Rhydian Hussey, who has a broken ankle and calf bone and suspected broken shoulder.
But Waghorn is trying to prove his boss wrong and the Geordie might now be rushed back earlier than expected after Rangers confirmed yesterday Forrester sustained a hairline fracture to his calf bone during his side's Petrofac Cup win over Peterhead.
He needed a three-hour operation for a broken calf bone.
Because a woman has a wider pelvis than a man, the angle at which the thigh bone connects to a calf bone is greater.